A Journey of Encouragement
  • A Journey of Encouragement
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A Sabbath devotional to guide you through the year with Torah tid-bits from teachings of Pastor Jay Howard and character changing information from Pastor Jay and Vickie Howard.  Husband and wife, they will lead you through the year and will help you to walk as YHWH desires us to all walk, in His Way, and His love.  Week by week, prayer by prayer - we can change!

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Change Your Life Mussar With The Messiah l Hardcover Edition
  • Change Your Life Mussar With The Messiah l Hardcover Edition
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Change Your Life Mussar With The Messiah
by Vickie Howard

To have Vickie Howard speak at your

To live a peaceful life, to live in Shalom with one another ~ what a concept!  We can change the negative character traits, one at a time, and rebuild our positive character traits to become that person that we know we can be.  We can glorify The Father in all we do!

I thought that after breast cancer, I would be a changed person. And I was, but my character traits still crept in.  I wanted to live in peace, in true Shalom.  It is an everyday struggle, but this book will help you! Don'b be discouraged, and be can change.

Chapters include: lessons from Mussar, different character traits from patience to anger to worry and fear and exercises to do to strengthen us. 
    Hardcover Edition: $25.00 / Includes S&H

Also available in bulk/discount rates for conferences/speaking engagements. Please contact us here in regards to pricing.

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Dear Mrs. Howard,
I read your book with trepidation, yet found that I was devouring every word.  I thought that I was a 'good' person, but I realized that there were points in my life that needed redirecting.  I was living in fear.  By reading your book, I realized that by working through fear, I was looking at life through a false reality, a truth that I had made in my own life.   Thank you for helping me to grasp the concept or truth through Yeshua.
M. Wilkies

I recently purchased your book and read it cover to cover.  I do desire change!  Thank you so much for guiding me along in a loving and thought provoking way. 
S. Aniston, Ohio

Dear Vickie,
After my divorce, I became bitter and cynical.  I couldn't trust anyone.  I know that I have a long road to go, but your chapters on truth and faith and loving kindness showed me a better path.  I know that through Yeshua, I can do this.  Blessings,
C. Canterson