We will resume meetings after summer.
Thursdays 11 am 442 Wolverine Drive Bayfield CO
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    We are currently studying Mussar with the Messiah by Vickie Howard. This is the practice of looking at our individual character traits with the lens of Yeshua and correcting our paths.  We completed Everyday Holiness by Alan Morinis. 
      We have gone through  many phases and many books.  We learned what forgiveness is and what it is not. We've reconciled where we could and understood the difference between that course of action and forgiveness.  With the study of restoration, we learned how to restore ourselves in spite of the challenges we face, the act of sabotage that we often expose ourselves to and the wounds that may or may not define us.  We challenged ourselves to grow and we did.
    We studied the Hebrew names of God. And through this study, we grow into a deeper understanding of the Elohim we serve and the grace and love that He so bountifully gives.
     Please join us.
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